What are the best point of sale solutions for your business?

Some of the most popular Xero add-ons that businesses are using today are cloud-based Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) products, find out which are best.

Whether you are a traditional bricks and mortar business or an online store that needs an integrated back-end payment solution to accept a variety of payment methods, some of the most popular Xero add-ons that businesses are using today are cloud-based Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) products. These generally offer features such as payment processing and inventory management whilst allowing you to post your sales data straight into Xero without the need for any manual data entry. Let’s take a quick look a few of the available options.


Vend is an EPOS solution used by a variety of businesses that focuses on accessibility. It is customisable and can be used anywhere from an iOS device or in a browser such as Google Chrome, moving the physical point of sale away from a fixed till system to mobile devices like the iPad. Vend can publish your daily sales data to Xero with the relevant tax information included with the push of a button. This data can be broken down by product, category or employee for ease of tracking and allows you to make full use of Xero’s reporting features - not to mention keeping an eye on your sales and tax information in real-time.

For more information on Vend visit www.vendhq.com.

Epos Now

Epos Now is another cloud-based EPOS system that can offer traditional hardware till systems alongside availability as an app on both iOS and Android mobile devices that are accessible from anywhere.

Featuring product tracking, built in CRM and reporting tools as well as a booking system for restaurants amongst other features, the core strength of Epos Now is in its flexibility to be used across multiple devices and for any kind of business. Integration with Xero offers a similar posting experience to Vend, allowing you to post, track and report your sales daily in Xero in real time without the need to manually break up the products by category or tax rate.

For more information on Epos Now please visit www.eposnow.com


Square take a slightly different approach with their EPOS system. Offering a modular terminal that can be used with an iPad and connected to a variety of third-party devices such as till drawers, barcode scanners and thermal printers, Square also supply their own card reader that allows for the customer pay using contactless or enter their pins directly on to the iPad screen.

Offering a competitive level of sales data in its daily Xero postings and the ability to automatically match sales data to the relevant bank transactions in Xero, Square can really speed up the bookkeeping process and can be used across multiple devices with ease on both iOS and Android.

For more information on Square please visit www.squareup.com.

If any of this has got you thinking about how to improve your sales process, or if you’d like to have a chat about integrating your Xero with any EPOS add-ons, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat with one of our accountants.