Specialist Contractor Accountants in Brighton & Hove

You need a contractor accountant in Brighton to help you manage your finances. Atkinsons are qualified to fill the role.

We aim to answer your accounting and taxation needs in the most seamless and uncomplicated way possible. We want to take away the worry when it comes to your accounts, so you can concentrate on your business.

The accounting requirements of any business can quickly become complicated and difficult to navigate as they grow. Management of your business finances can often become time consuming and unmanageable because of the constant changes in regulation and administrative tasks. To take the hassle out of financing, delegating your financial responsibilities to specialist contractor accountants will alleviate your worries and strengthen your business. Atkinsons Accountants offer technology-driven accounting solutions that are delivered by industry experts. Through a combination of our extensive knowledge, goal-oriented approach, proactiveness and commitment, we help contractors and freelancers transform their businesses. We can help with statutory returns, tax planning, bookkeeping support and assistance with HMRC correspondence. In all instances, our packages can be tailored to suit your accounting needs.

We at Atkinsons provide business advice you can rely on if you are seeking the skills and experience of professional accountants. In Brighton & Hove and New Malden, our reliable family firm offers a full suite of business services for freelancers and contractors. We offer the highest quality accountancy, tax planning and auditing services as well as business guidance on a daily basis. In order to achieve seamless accountancy for our clients, we value regular communication. By taking a collaborative approach, we can ensure that a consistent and personal service is always achieved.

As a client of our firm, you will always gain access to limitless, honest and dependable advice. Is it time to entrust your financial matters to accountants you can rely on? Discuss your financial goals with us today.

Accountants in Brighton That Understand Your Needs

As you may know, running a limited company can be a complex operation. Therefore, you'll likely need the expertise of a contractor accountant to manage this work on your behalf, saving you time and money. Our accountancy services do not just give you the peace of mind that your business's tax affairs are in order but also provide guidance on changing policies that could affect your limited company. From advising on IR35 to structuring your earnings as tax efficiently as possible, we work hard to not only maintain your finances but to help elevate your company to the next level. With Atkinsons by your side, growing your business is made easier.

It is paramount to gain expert advice from qualified accountants who can help you plan ahead and ensure all important deadlines are met - helping you run your business with confidence. We offer a complete range of accounting and tax services to our portfolio of clients in various sectors. From our initial consultation, we will help you to identify which services will complement your company best.

Our Wide Range of Freelancer Accounting Services

We understand that your business hours may fall out of the usual 9-5, which is why we work hand in hand with you to provide advice whenever you need it. This is why we strive to make ourselves available to you whenever possible. Providing business support entails a number of duties and responsibilities, which we carry out with optimum professionalism and attentiveness. With our firm by your side, your business is in safe hands thanks to our combination of resources, knowledge and meticulousness. Our services extend beyond simply filing tax returns and accounting to support freelancers and contractors in the following areas:

Supporting Contractors with Payroll

Our team of accountants possess years of experience in setting up and administering payroll schemes for a vast array of businesses, small and large. Working in construction can often require a deep understanding of the construction industry scheme (CIS) - this is where we can help. If the CIS applies to you, we will inform you and your subcontractors of your obligations before ensuring that the correct amount of tax is paid. This process is made simpler with an experienced accountant on board, which is why we can assist you in every step of the way. In addition to this, we can answer any questions you may have about IR35 and any other important factors you may need to consider.

By working with Atkinsons, all of your concerns will be taken care of, leaving you free to focus on your work. Alongside managing your revenue and implementing modifications where appropriate, we will determine your tax and national insurance contributions as well as handle any statutory benefits and invoicing. You’ll get paid accurately and always on schedule thanks to the compliant payroll software we utilise.

Handling VAT Returns

Our dedicated team provides an extensive variety of VAT services suitable for freelancers. The specialists at Atkinsons have proven experience of carrying out VAT returns with precision and diligence. By passing this responsibility to us, you can rest assured that your finances will be dealt with accurately.

VAT must be reported every three months by contractors. VAT can be accrued and paid annually, but this is not recommended due to the administrative burden and implications for cash flow. There is also a flat-rate VAT scheme, which may be suitable for some contractors with a certain level of spending and frequency. Through consulting with us, we can discuss whether or not switching to a flat-rate scheme is right for you. Your personal accountant manager will handle the entirety of your VAT requirements. Atkinsons will assess the most advantageous VAT scheme for your business and file your VAT returns accordingly.

As a contractor, it is important that you are placed on the correct scheme. If you work for your own contracting limited company, a significant amount of money could be saved by becoming VAT registered - we can help with this. Whether you are a sole trader or a limited company, we will ensure that you get the support and guidance you need.

In addition to handling the VAT registration process and completing your returns, you will be consistently informed of any changes to regulations that could affect your business. You can run and develop your business with complete peace of mind when working with accountants that keep you in the loop.

Tax Services for Contractors

Sorting out your business taxes can often be complicated and long-winded. Our accountancy packages are designed to alleviate financial stress and make your business run smoothly. Many contractors utilise the knowledge and experience of a reputable accounting firm in order to gain insight into how to maximise profits and become tax efficient. When you partner with us, we will get to know the share structure of your business before best advising with any tax-deductible expenses you may be eligible to claim. By gaining this intuitive advice, you will begin to make better decisions for your business.

Our contractor accountants are well-informed of industry legislation and are always one step ahead when it comes to preparing for changes. We offer proactive advice on how to structure your capital in a legal and tax-efficient manner. As tax legitations for contractors can be complex, your friendly client manager will demystify complex financial jargon to make accounting easier and understandable. We are committed to acquiring the best possible outcome for your company through careful tax planning and deep understanding of your business goals.

Cloud Accountants

The world of accounting has transformed. Records are no longer kept in filing cabinets and are instead securely documented in the digital realm. Your records of expenses and assets can now be transferred to cloud solutions, offering your business the opportunity to access data online.

We provide accounting services designed to relieve contractors and freelancers in Brighton and Hove of the stress of accounting. Not only do our services save time, partnering with us will elevate your company and help you in achieving your goals. In order to do this, we embrace modern technology - optimising our services and your business accounts.

Our cloud accounting experience can help to ensure your accounting records are always current and accessible from any location. With cloud-based accounting, your current financial position will be visible at all times. Cloud accounting keeps small businesses and contractors connected to their accounts, enabling a full view of incomings and outgoings. Because HMRC mandated that tax be filed digitally, now is the ideal time to switch to digital accounting. Let us ensure that the transition is smooth, effective and hassle-free.

We work in collaboration with our clients to help them transform their businesses. We assist them in migrating to Xero accounts, a cloud-based collaborative software that automates essential processes. With Xero, small businesses can obtain comprehensive real-time data in order to grow and thrive. If you choose Atkinsons, we will guide you smoothly through Xero and ensure its full potential is utilised to drive your business forward.

Turning to Expert Accountants to Transform Your Finances

A key feature of our business at Atkinsons Chartered Accountants is that we provide bespoke services to a range of clients throughout Brighton and Hove. The accountants at our firm provide tailored, licensed services to meet your needs. In order to devise a suitable action plan, it is imperative for us to understand your business goals and circumstances. We go the extra mile for our clients to ensure they receive the highest level of service possible.

Among our clients are small businesses, large companies and sole traders. To find out what we can do to help you grow your business and manage your finances, request a no-obligation quote or call us today.

The synergistic approach to accountancy we take ensures that our services are completely aligned with the needs of your business. The account managers at Atkinsons Accountants are dependable, honest and accessible, providing constant support and updates whenever you should need it.

From initial consultations, we take the time to delve into our clients' individual situations to see how best we can align our services. From there, we work alongside business owners to devise a suitable strategy. If you are a contractor looking to establish a relationship with accountants that can make a difference, speak to us about your objectives.

We can help you with:

  • A free, no obligation initial consultation
  • A dedicated accountant you can trust
  • Advice on the best accounting software for your business
  • Ongoing advice on structuring your business in the most tax efficient way
  • Accounts and Tax Returns for sole traders
  • Payroll for the directors and staff
  • VAT advice and support
  • Annual accounts and Tax Returns
  • Providing our service for a fixed fee, agreed upfront.

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