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At Atkinsons, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service.

As specialists in cloud accounting, Atkinsons understand the difference cloud solutions can make to small and medium businesses. We are able to provide you with complete cloud accounting services, including initial training and ongoing support. By working together, we will ensure that you gain full control of your finances.

Cloud Accounting Services Provided by Experts

As a business owner, you must have confidence that your business software and accounts are secure and protected.

At Atkinsons, cutting-edge technology, coupled with an expert team of chartered accountants, is key to driving your business forward, putting your finances at your fingertips.

In addition to accessing live information at any time from any device, business owners are also becoming increasingly concerned with data security. This includes access to team member accounts and collaboration capabilities, as well as sharing information securely. Changing from traditional bookkeeping to cloud accounting has a plethora of benefits - we have the expertise to help you make the switch.

Here at Atkinsons, our accountancy services start with you. By getting to understand your goals and your vision, we can begin to build a long-term plan to grow your profits. With Atkinsons by your side, you’ll be able to focus on the numbers you want to see whilst we do the hard work for you.

Does your business need a fresh approach to accounting? Request a no-obligation quote from us today.

Work with Cloud Accountants in Brighton to Grow Your Business

Looking to make the running of your business easier? Want to save time and money by utilising cloud software? Need reassurance that your finances are protected and secure?

Our team of cloud accountants can solve your business concerns and help you navigate your accounts in a fast and efficient way. Cloud accounting gives business owners the ability to share data directly and work in partnership with their accountant, strengthening the working relationship. With secure access to your business finances, we can identify areas where we can help and advise.

We help to both manage and propel the finances of businesses in Brighton & Hove, Sussex and Surrey through a wide range of tax and accounting services. By integrating cloud platforms with our expertise in Payroll, Tax, Audits, and Bookkeeping, we are able to help our clients transform their businesses. We’ve helped hundreds of organisations move to cloud-based accounting software - a transition that we make both simple and nondisruptive.

With so many options of cloud accounting software available, it can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to identify the best choice for your business. Our experts are specialists in an array of solutions, placing us in the perfect position to assist you in implementing software that works for you. We want to ensure you can focus on operating your business whilst we focus on the technology that elevates it.

Why Use Cloud Accounting to Drive Your Business Forward?

Traditional accounting no longer serves its purpose in the modern world of accounting, which is why you need to embrace innovative technology with the help of experts. It is crucial that all businesses make their tax digital as per HMRC’s ‘Making Tax Digital’ (MTD) initiative. Cloud solutions enable business owners to document their taxes and transactions in a traceable manner, providing a clear overview of their financial situation at all times.

How Switching to Cloud Accounting Will Benefit Your Business

  • Accessibility: With a cloud-based service, you can access all your records, reports, and receipts simply by using your device and an internet connection. All you need is a web browser - no software to download and install. When you need information quickly or remotely, you don't need to rely on the office's servers. You can collaborate easily with your accounting team, partners, and employees, no matter where you are.
  • Additional security: When sensitive and vital information is kept in the cloud, the human element is removed, and hardware theft is significantly reduced. The human error of misplacing a laptop containing important data and losing months of work is not uncommon, nor are server failures. In the cloud, backups are taken care of for you, so you don't need to worry about losing data.
  • Accuracy: Automation of most accounting functions is a key advantage of cloud computing, reducing human error. Financial records benefit from improved accuracy and efficiency when using journal templates, automated invoices, and an auto-reserved journal. Businesses and accountants can feel confident that every transaction processed through a bank account is automatically displayed and managed using secure cloud accounting software, preventing any financial activity from being missed.

Work Alongside Our Xero-Certified Accountants in Brighton & Hove

Atkinsons is proud to specialise in one of the leading cloud accounting software, Xero. Our team of chartered accountants have the knowledge and experience required to revolutionise your business and accounting efficiency, helping you to achieve financial success.

In addition to ensuring that your accounts are HMRC compliant, our team will employ Xero to take responsibility for a variety of accounting services, including:

  • Manage payroll
  • Process VAT returns
  • Send invoices
  • Access detailed income and expense reports

Xero is highly regarded across the UK as one of the best accounting platforms for small businesses. By integrating Xero into your business, we will make your invoicing effortless, allowing you to manage budgets far more easily and process payments quicker.

We’ll ensure that your records are updated regularly, enabling us to access real-time information to support your needs. These records facilitate decision-making and help us to understand where improvements may be required. Find out more about how we use Xero to accelerate your business here.

Ready to Make Your Tax Digital? Let’s Get to Work

Atkinsons continue to provide ongoing support and unrivalled services to an assortment of businesses in different sectors across Brighton, Hove, New Malden and London. Our attentiveness, diligence, reliability and personal approach mean we are able to make a real difference to our clients and their companies.

We work closely with contractors as well as large corporations, small local businesses and not-for-profit organisations in East Sussex and beyond. If you’d like to transform your accounts, request a no-obligation, indicative quote.

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Login anywhere, anytime on your PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone and see real time financials. Xero is online accounting software that's simple but powerful and easy to keep up to date. Email invoices and statements directly from the software, link your bank account for automatic bank feeds and link with add-on's below to really see the full potential of this cloud based accounting software.

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Receipt Bank Logo

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is a platform where you can remove the hassle of keeping paper copies of all your receipts. You can send pictures of your paper receipts, invoices and expenses direct from your smartphone via their app, as and when you receive them. You can then forget about them, as we will have copies of all your expenses ready to compile your VAT returns and / or management accounts.

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Vend Logo


Vend is point of sale, inventory and customer loyalty software, all based in the cloud and which can be used on a tablet, imac or PC to easily set up, manage and grow your business. Vend links directly with Xero to seamlessly provide you with real time and detailed sales figures

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SalesForce Logo


Sales Force is the number one CRM (customer relationship manager) app in the world. If you have lots of low value, repeatable business, then good customer relationship management is key to making sure you win the business time and time again.

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Unleashed is an online inventory system, which again syncs with Xero seamlessly. Have complete visibility with real time stock figures across multiple locations. Unleashed will take care of costed purchase orders, bundled product orders, back orders and through to the final shipping notes and invoices in multiple currencies.

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