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Do you need Xero Accountants to transfer your data to a digital platform? We can help.

Business finances can become overwhelming due to the unique challenges that each company faces and the ever-changing stipulations the Government will require it to meet. You can take the complexity and burden out of finance management by delegating these matters to a specialist team of accountants. With Atkinson Accountants, you'll receive high-tech-led accounting solutions driven by industry experts.

We commit ourselves to the business goals of our clients, allowing your future to fuel our services. By taking a personal approach, tailoring our services and applying our extensive knowledge to every task we carry out, we ensure that we are always pushing forward and evolving businesses, assisting clients in taking the next big step. It is our goal-oriented, innovative and pro-digital approach that we believe truly sets us apart from our competitors. To request a no-obligation, indicative quote, simply fill out our short online form now.

We can take care of a range of responsibilities. This includes statutory returns, tax planning, bookkeeping support, audits and correspondence with HMRC.

your accounting needs, we can create a package that meets them. If you need the expertise and experience of professional chartered accountants, Atkinsons will provide you with the accounting guidance you need. We provide a comprehensive range of small business accounting services, tax planning for contractors and cloud accounting for medium-large business owners in Brighton & Hove and New Malden. The key to seamless accountancy is regular communication with our clients. Through collaborative efforts, we can consistently deliver outstanding, premium-quality services.

We guarantee that you will always be able to obtain unlimited, honest and dependable advice from our firm. Have you considered entrusting your financial matters to an accountant you can trust? Begin your journey with Atkinsons today.

Specialist Online Accounting Software Integration

Accountancy has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Records are no longer kept in filing cabinets and are instead securely documented in the digital realm. In today's modern world, records are safely enclosed within a safe and secure digital space, whereby assets and important documentation are transferred to reliable cloud solutions. Not only does cloud accounting software protect your data and information, but it also improves the accessibility of this data for permissible employees. What’s more, cloud accounting software allows you to streamline your financial administration and keep a live view of key numbers and statistics. Put simply, the efficiency of all bookkeeping and tax accounting tasks can be revolutionised through advanced accounting technology.

Providing accounting services in Brighton and Hove makes life easier for small businesses, freelancers, and start-ups. As well as saving you time, partnering with us will elevate your company and help you achieve your goals. Our approach involves embracing modern technology, enabling digital accounting to enhance and maximise both our business and yours. With Atkinsons, you can truly count on our years of qualified expertise to keep your accounting records up to date and accessible no matter where you are. With cloud-based accounting, you will always have a clear picture of your financial situation.

Certified Xero Accounting Specialists

Finding cloud solutions is pivotal to transitioning to the contemporary world of accounting. This innovative accounting software provides businesses with the perfect platform for their finances. At Atkinsons, our extensive Xero knowledge empowers us to work alongside businesses in migrating to a more efficient, faster and modern way of managing finances and viewing bank feeds.

We will assist in setting you up and embedding Xero within your business. Through working closely with you, we will gain an understanding of how we can utilise the capabilities of Xero to its optimum potential. From here, we can look at integrating applications to further enhance your internal asset management processes. When you introduce a cash flow management system, your business will thrive and evolve from forecasting insights and clear real-time accounting.

What Is Xero?

Xero is an online accounting software tool that enables you to manage your books online so you never miss out on any crucial details. The platform runs on any device so that data can be accessed instantaneously when logged in. You'll receive immediate alerts if there is something on your account that requires your attention or if you need to make any amendments. Having a digitalised platform like this also means that you don't need to rely on paper receipts for your business anymore. Xero helps you monitor your cash flow by providing a daily summary of your day-to-day activities. You can get real-time updates, which include incoming payments, outstanding debts, bank transactions and credit card balances. All of this information is stored in one place. Just by simply using the software, you can rest assured that your VAT reports are HMRC compliant.

What else can Xero be used for?

  • Access detailed reports on income and expenses
  • Manage payrolls across multiple companies
  • View global sales figures
  • Keep track of inventory levels
  • Send invoices electronically
  • Process staff payments and payslips through efficient payroll software

How Xero Accountants Can Revolutionise Your Business

As part of our accounting services, we offer an affordable cloud-based solution that allows SMEs to transition into a streamlined platform for all of their financial matters. With our cloud-based accounting approach, you can focus on what you do best rather than having to spend valuable hours dealing with tedious paperwork. We take care of everything involved with your accounts, ensuring accurate records of every transaction are documented in the best way possible. This means that you can easily access them anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is log onto your own personal account dashboard via an internet connection to check on your balance or see your latest invoices.

Xero's reporting functions allow you to create customised reports of all financial activity and view important details instantly. We can use these reports to analyse your current financial situation and take the necessary actions in resolving any issues and advancing your business.

The Benefits of Implementing Xero Cloud Accounting Software

We employ the leading cloud accounting software into our services due to the flexibility of it. Xero is designed to meet the needs of all types of businesses and incorporates customisable features to create a bespoke accounting platform. Utilising this software makes the collaboration between your business and Atkinsons straightforward and uncomplicated, which is everything you need for an effective partnership.

  • Currency conversion: One attractive feature of Xero to a business with plans to become a global entity is the built-in automated convertor. This eliminates the need to manually convert currency when it comes to transferring funds internationally.
    • Mobile app: The Xero mobile app makes it easier to access your information, no matter where you are. Should anything critical arise that needs to be dealt with promptly, you can log in to rectify any issues from outside of the office. This is particularly useful to our contractor clients.
    • Scheduled payments: Late payments can be a nuisance for any business, client or employee. With Xero, invoices are curated through the click of a button and sent to your customers or clients in a time-efficient manner.
  • Data security: The security of data is paramount for any business. Xero comes with strict security standards and multiple bank-grade encryption protocols to ensure confidentiality is protected at all times.
  • Free product updates: The team at Xero are always evolving their platform as the industry progresses. Therefore, updates are automatically applied without business owners needing to install them. Moreover, the product updates will be applied to each and every user, so that all employees gain access to the most up-to-date version.

Professional Accounting Services in Brighton

We at Atkinsons Chartered Accountants pride ourselves on being friendly, reliable and efficient. As a result, we are able to develop meaningful relationships that strengthen the quality of our services. We work with a huge range of clients in varying industries; therefore, our level of knowledge across all sectors is exceptionally high. As an independent, family-run business, we know how important customer service is to our clients. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to providing limitless jargon-free and helpful advice. Our mission is to become a valued asset to your company, working closely with your objectives to support your success.

If you are looking for unmatched, transparent accounting services to upgrade your business finances, you are in the right place. Working with us means that your business is always in safe hands. In addition to the cloud software we implement, you will be provided with unique login credentials to the Atkinsons Client Portal - we keep all of our communications and relevant information in one spot for the utmost convenience.

Brighton & Hove Tax Advisors

Businesses of all sizes and professional individuals must take extra precautions to reduce the risk of making errors on tax returns and paying more tax than needed. With the help of a well-informed tax advisor, you can expect to significantly improve your cash flow and eradicate the risk of potential errors.

We are extremely proactive in that we regularly look to identify areas for improvement, assist clients with tax planning and help them navigate any changes to regulations and compliance. Atkinsons aims to ensure that our clients are as tax efficient as possible through a broad range of professional services. We achieve this by advising businesses on the following:

  • Preparation of annual corporation tax returns
  • Tax planning for single shareholder and director companies
  • Research & development tax relief
  • Tax advice on capital gains and investments
  • Advice on group structures, inter-group trading, asset transfer, group acquisition and disposals
  • Advice on offshore companies and foreign-controlled companies
  • Advice in connection with VAT, NI employee and director benefits legislation
  • Tax planning for directors
  • Revenue investigation and dispute settlement negotiations
  • Structured reviews to maximise tax planning opportunities
  • A review of the tax implications of the purchase or sale of a business
  • Forensic tax reviews and reports
  • Overseas tax advice

By implementing our highly commended tax services into your business strategy, we can provide you with an effective solution for all of your company’s tax needs.

If you are a small business owner, limited company, start-up or sole trader and need to streamline your finances, speak to Atkinsons today. Significantly reduce the stress of finance management by speaking with our experienced team. We will chat with you to find the most suitable package that matches your requirements - nothing is too complicated for us. Our experts are here to help you plan for future growth.

Get up to speed with Xero

Get up to speed with Xero

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What is bookkeeping

What is bookkeeping?

Lets start here. It is important to know the basic principles of accounting. In this 20-minute webinar, you’ll learn about the Chart of Accounts and how Xero automates your year-end processes.

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Essential Xero features

Essential Xero features

Let’s learn about the features you’ll use regularly in Xero, and see how they make managing small business finances easier than ever.

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Set up your business

Set up your business

This self-paced video series will walk you through setting up a business in Xero for the first time, one step at a time.

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Xero Apps

Xero Apps

Discover hundreds of third-party apps that integrate with Xero to help you run your business without adding to the paperwork.

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Get support

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