What services do we offer our clients?

Your accountant will often offer services that you may not be aware of. Read on to see a list of just some of the services we offer at Atkinsons Accountants in Hove.

Company Formation

Along with advising on share structures and directors, we can form Limited Companies and provide Incorporation Forms along with Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Help with choosing the right Bank for you

We can look at your banking requirements and talk through the current options available to you to help find a suitable bank for your business.

Software Advice

Xero is a powerful tool that allows business owners to take control of their finances and basic accounting needs. It allows our clients to run their businesses on the go, emailing invoices and statements directly to clients and keeping their finances up to date with automatic bank feeds. We are experts in Xero and also the add-on market place and can advise on how these could help your business.


Along with advice on setting up your own in-house bookkeeping we can also quote for our own staff to undertake the bookkeeping for your business via Xero.

EMI Share Schemes for Employees

While ensuring your business is in accordance with the current legislation we can tailor a share option scheme to help motivate and reward your employees.

EIS & SEIS Schemes

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) & Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) allow companies to access equity investment while allowing shareholders to obtain tax relief on their investment. We can provide advice on who qualifies for the schemes and how to claim the various reliefs available.

Research & Development Tax Relief

We can identify all potential R&D activities and prepare a comprehensive R&D claim on your behalf while handling all correspondence with HMRC about
the claim.

Bespoke & Auto-Enrolment Pension Schemes

We can match your employee and business needs with the current pension products and options available to ensure your staff are happy and you are compliant with the current legislation.


We carry out voluntary and statutory audits for SMEs, charities, solicitors, pension schemes, and quoted companies. The audit creates an ideal opportunity to assess the qualitative aspects of financial management and reporting systems.

Share Transfers & Shareholders’ Agreements

We can help draft shareholders’ agreements, which can protect the shareholders’ investment in a company while confirming their rights and obligations. We can also prepare share transfer forms while advising on any stamp duty that may be due to HMRC.

Inheritance Planning

There are potentially huge tax savings for beneficiaries if estate planning is undertaken at the earliest stage possible. We can help with estate planning, which could include business exit strategies and succession planning.


The legislation to stop workers getting tax benefits by claiming to be contractors is changing all the time and we can help you keep up to date with the current rules and ensure you are IR35 compliant.

Business Plans

An application for investment or a bank loan will benefit from having a professional business plan, which we can help you prepare.

Purchase or Sale of a Business and Business Valuations

If you are considering buying another business or selling your own, we can analyse the tax and other consequences to help you make the best decision.

Specialist Tax Advice

We advise on all areas of taxation from personal to corporate and trusts.

Virtual Finance functions

We offer virtual finance teams for businesses at various stages of growth.

Corporate strategy

We have many years experience of offering strategic planning, e-commerce, and general business advice to businesses of all sizes and all sectors.